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Foundation Mandate:

The funding and development of infrastructure projects that help military families.

These projects must include capital expenditures of a permanent or semi-permanent nature, thus benefiting as many families for as long as possible.

Who We Are
The Armed Forces Families Foundation was founded with the intent to provide for those who care for our freedom. Our Managing Director believes that this is best accomplished by directly giving support to military families. All coordination and services are provided for by Prometheus Partners and a dedicated group of passionate volunteers. Very few charitable organizations are able to successfully operate under these parameters; the success of our Foundation is the result of the amazing work done by our inspired volunteers and leadership team.


Our Leadership Team

Our Partners



Prometheus Partners Tactical Linguist
Taco Bell  

Nick Peters, Managing Director
Mr. Peters has focused on managing and investing in nationally-franchised restaurant businesses for the last 20 years. He has extensive multi-unit franchise restaurant experience as the current CEO of approximately 250 restaurants in the Taco Bell and IHOP brands throughout the Southeast. Currently he is the CEO of Prometheus Management IV, LLC.  Previously, Mr. Peters was the CEO of Southern California Food Services Holding Corporation, a 64-unit Wendy’s franchisee.

Thaddeus Foster
Mr. Foster is currently the Chief Operations Officer of Southeast QSR, one of Prometheus’s Taco Bell restaurant companies, which operates 57 restaurants. Mr. Foster has more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry and has worked for Bennigan’s, Alamo Café, Houston’s, and Taco Bell Corporate.

Chris Suh
Mr. Suh has nearly 15 years of experience working with management teams of nationally-franchised multi-unit restaurant businesses, primarily in the areas of corporate finance and development, and is currently a Vice President for a Taco Bell / IHOP franchise organization with approximately 250 restaurants throughout the Southeast.  Currently, Mr. Suh is focused primarily on investments in real estate and on actively growing an existing real estate portfolio through acquisitions.  Previously, Mr. Suh served as a middle school and high school educator at a private school in Georgia.

Brian Goldstein
Mr. Goldstein is the Chief Operations Officer for KFC Corporation, with responsibility for KFC operations nationally throughout the U.S., comprised of over 4,300 stores.   He has been with the Yum! Brands organization for over 30 years and has held various roles with the company, including Vice President of Operations for the Eastern U.S., Senior Region Leader in the Southeast, and Director of Multi-Brand Operations for Taco Bell.
John Wright
Mr. Wright’s restaurant experience spans over 30 years in the QSR, family and casual dining segments. He has filled executive roles at top tier restaurant chains such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Wendy’s, as well as Pat and Oscar’s Restaurants, Bennigan’s, and Metromedia Steakhouse. Mr. Wright is currently the President of Prometheus’s Taco Bell businesses, which collectively operate nearly 200 restaurants, and IHOP businesses, which operates nearly 50 restaurants.

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